When in doubt…

When in doubt, don’t do anything.  Good advice for uncertain times.  That’s where I find myself.

After a week of dealing with appliance FUBAR, it’s obvious that some major purchases are burdened by a lack of communication between sales, contracted delivery and removal of old appliances, and all levels in between.   And, some independent contractors are so much about over promising and underdelivering, I have a lot of doubt regrading anything being done right to serve my needs.  Two refrigerator purchases and cancellations due to a lot of unnecessary miscommunication seems like overkill.  So, I’m not doing anything.

While wondering what future my experiences are preparing me for, I’m at a loss as to whether I will be in solitary confinement, a reclusive monastery, or just searching for some human connection.  So, I’m not doing anything.  Should I look for some relevance in a useful job, or should I wait to see what twelve months of chemo / immunotherapy will demand of my time as caregiver?  So, I’m not doing anything.

I imagined a whole lot of not doing anything, but I’m not sure it was this type of not doing anything I was anticipating.  Or, maybe I did.

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