Not cut out to be a restaurant food blogger

At the start of this blogging adventure, I mentioned sharing photography.  I haven’t done much of that lately here as I tend to share just photos I think are good on Instagram and have been sharing way too many crochet projects on Facebook.  I have been working on food pictures, but not doing a very good job at it.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned the PowerPoint “scrapbook” I compiled for the first round of chemo.  I’d take a shot during the infusion process and then take pictures of where we ate after.  Trying to mix things up this time around, I thought I’d take pictures of the food we ordered and describe it.  I’ve had to laugh at myself for too many episodes of:

 Shrimp Tacos – blackened grilled shrimp, spicy aioli, pico de gallo, lime sour cream, cabbage slaw for Eva (oops – took a bite before remembering to take a picture!)


 Shrimp Fajita Wrap – lightly blackened, yellow rice, avocado, corn salsa, roasted pepper and chipotle ranch

(Once again, started eating before the shot – it looks really pretty on the inside with the colorful ingredients!  Obsessing over my cracked beer glass that never was replaced.  Great food, not so great service this time.)


 Sergio’s Hogfish Sandwich – fried hogfish with a jalapeno lime sauce with lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a kaiser roll, side pickle and sweet potato fries.  

Yes, once again, I forgot to take pictures before diving into the food!  Not going to make it as a restaurant food blogger!

At least it’s provided a few laughs.  And, now I’m hungry.

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