Tropical depression

The end of November brings the end of hurricane season.  (Although I just learned there’s still a 3% chance of storms after…)   Rainy season was dry and windy.  Now dry season is rainy and windy.  It’s not a blizzard, so I’ll take a rainy 76 degree day in November without complaining.

Dreary weather is just making for a good excuse to keep doing what has kept me from writing.  Creative juices have been flowing into crocheting every version of cute amigurumi animals I can find patterns for.  And, writing about endless hours in medical settings and dealing with chemo-related health issues isn’t all that exciting.  While my husband does admit that I’m obsessed with crocheting, he admits not all obsessions are bad.  Translate that to, “I’m glad you have something you like to do while I sleep a lot because I feel like shit most of the time.”

November brought a subdued celebration of 30 years of marriage.  How does that much time pass so quickly?  Hoping that 31 is celebrated with a little more healthy energy!

Thanksgiving brings being thankful for things I never expected.  I get a kick out of finding gifts that are unique and special surprises. (It’s that Individualization theme in full throttle!)  Wanting to thank the great oncology team at Mariners Hospital, I chose to go with a sweet treat.  Going with one of the best things to come out of Fort Wayne Indiana did not disappoint.  I think I’ve created some chocolate addicts thanks to a DeBrand’s delivery.  Haven’t found a match for them yet.

I think Individualization is getting me through a lot lately.  Some of the animal creations are being gifted.  Looking forward to seeing how a whiskey Advent calendar works out (I’m surprised a certain someone hasn’t broken into it yet).  And, once the “chemo tree” makes its holiday debut, I’ll share a pic with the accompanying parody of “Oh Christmas Tree.” 

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