The upside of the downside

So, I guess my commentary has been a little less than uplifting lately.  I did look for ways to put a funny spin on a few things, but it just wasn’t happening.  There have been some positive little pieces along this latest journey, so I’ll try to highlight those.

It has been nice meeting a wide variety of professionals from diverse backgrounds at Miami Cancer Institute and at their satellite center at Mariners Hospital in Tavernier.  These professionals take pride in their work and have a true sense of service.  There’s only been one person I’ve encountered who doesn’t seem to either like her job, may be going through something in her own life, or just finds my husband to be a “difficult patient.”  (After swearing he’d never get a port put in, it’s obvious that his veins are not going to be cooperating, so one is going in on Thursday.  Friday will be the test of the previous theory number three on the unhappy nurse.)

The main MCI location instituted an Arts in Medicine program in 2021.  Professional musicians perform in various areas.  There are art therapy programs.  It’s all very cool.  It also feels like musicians on the Titanic, depending on your mood.  I chatted with one of the musicians in an elevator the other day.  She helped normalize some of the feelings we were having.  Sometimes, patients find performances soothing; sometimes patients wave her away.  Three weeks ago (Round 1 Week 1), Glenn’s initial infusion had to take place in Miami.  After getting up for a restroom break, on my return I got “stuck” behind a singing troupe working their way around the 50 or so infusion rooms.  It seemed rude to cut in front of them.  (What’s proper protocol for maneuvering around singers in a tight space anyway?)  So, I just kind of hung out until they turned the corner.  No instrumentals or singing at Mariners, but their TVs work a little better.

After Round 1 Week 2 started shorter (around 3 hours versus 6 hours) infusions, we started what we hope will continue to be a tradition of going out after treatment.  With an added boost of energy thanks to steroids in the infusion cocktail, why not?  We even stuck to it when Round 1 Week 3 was a suck fail due to stick issues and someone saying the words “chest pain,” which is an immediate ticket to the ER.  After the afternoon in the ER with two IV lines and numerous more sticks, no heart attack, and signing off on refusal to spend the night for observation, we went out.  And, with Round 1 Week 3 rescheduled for Friday, we “had to” go out again.  (This wouldn’t be so unusual for most people, but we really haven’t been ones to go out much.  I’m weird and like to cook.)

I’m getting even more reading done.  Not that it had been on my list, but I decided to read “The Satanic Verses” after Rushdie got attacked.  (The guy might need help paying his medical bills – thought I’d help.)  It won’t be on my list of favorite books of all time (sorry, Salman!), but at least I (kind of) get what the big deal about it was.

I’m also working on more crocheting – a worthy of wearing in public cap this time.  If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the “OK, it’s been a while, you can wear this one at home version.”  Had to do something with the orange yarn I bought when I was going to make amigurumi goldfish and gave up.  (I have some left – I will attempt again!)  Good Tennessee Vols color to celebrate Glenn’s postdoc school.

I’m (maybe…) developing more patience.  I’m still hopeful that recycling what we can is helpful, even while trying not to think about how much medical waste is generated by millions of procedures every day.  And, I’m hopeful that this post was a little more entertaining than the past few!

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