A bridge to…

Maybe living on an island has made me contemplate bridges more.  The only way to get to the mainland is via a bridge.  The only way to explore the rest of our tropical archipelago is via numerous bridges.  And, meandering along waterways, you have to know if your boat will fit under some of those bridges.

Some bridges take you there and bring you back.  Some metaphorical bridges seem to be one-way.  Crossing the bridge to retirement feels very one-way right now.  Even some gig work coming up isn’t the daily grind.  The bridge is still there, so trotting back across it wouldn’t be impossible.  The bridges of time are a bit more problematic. 

Moving through life doesn’t offer many do-overs.  Infancy to youth, youth to adulthood, adulthood to old age, and then it ends.  It starts getting complicated and scary when you reach a point where family and friends start taking those bridge exits.  One day you’re just moving along together on that same road and the next thing you know, there’s one less traveler moving along with you.  Where do those bridges go?  When’s your exit bridge coming up?  These are certainly questions that can consume way too much precious time while you still have time.

Focusing on bridges that go back and forth – existing connections between friends and family or building new bridges connecting strangers and communities seems to be a better use of time.  You just never know what joy can come from crossing a bridge.


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