New Normal, New Year

31 December 2021

I told myself that, if I didn’t write anything before then, I would do a post when I received my first retirement payment. That happened. So, what has mentally been kind of a six month “vacation,” has turned into “official” retirement. Not sure what I expected to feel other than maybe a little less worry about finances in general. No complaints on the last day of 2021.

The start of 2022 brings a welcome end to “the holidays” – unlike most people, the frenzy of the “happiest time of year” does not make me jiggle with joy. Dealing with life stuff is so much easier without the unrealistic expectations of constant happiness just because the calendar says so. I’d much rather experience planned and unplanned moments of happiness and joy throughout the year instead of gambling on the chance that a couple of weeks in winter will miraculously grant that to me.

Apologies to those reading this who are feeling down because holiday time does that for you and it is coming to a close. Trust me, I get it. Wishing us all regular bouts of joy throughout 2022!

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