You don’t want attention until you don’t get attention

2 December 2021

Early in 2021, I started thinking about a milestone birthday coming up in November. Even though the big 6-0 was going to land on my favorite of all holidays, Thanksgiving, this was the first decade that was giving me some pause. I projected my thoughts to that day and decided that, if I didn’t draw attention to it, it wouldn’t be so bad. So, I removed the date from my Facebook profile and forgot all about it.

As Thanksgiving approached, I was happy we would be in our new home after a pre-holiday visit to family. The turducken was in the freezer, I had a couple of new recipes I wanted to try (buttery pull apart rolls and a Basque cheesecake), and I was looking forward to a cozy dinner for two and not really dreading the whole birthday thing.

November 25th arrived and I had some nice early email wishes from a handful of friends, a Facebook post from one, and a couple of cards from my husband. The clock hit 9:27 am (the time of my birth) and moved on without incident. And then, it was quiet. Well, it is Thanksgiving, I thought to myself. No one’s going to be on Facebook to notice that it’s my birthday.

By midday, I was a bit irritated. No one? Come on! Even I send birthday wishes to people I barely know when their day pops up. (Unless, of course, their posts have pissed me off of late. Rarely, but sometimes, I pass.) How could I have offended every one of my Facebook friends?

Then, I remembered my not wanting the attention I now craved. I did have to laugh at myself once I did verify that I actually did remove the big DOB from my profile. It’s back. Maybe I’ll want some attention for the big 6-1.

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